Best Epoxy Resin for River Table

Best Epoxy Resin for Epoxy Resin and River Table

Best Epoxy Resin for River Table

Best Epoxy Resin for River Table. In recent years, the production of epoxy resin tables by woodworkers has become a global trend. Made from noble woods such as maple or black walnut and combined with the appropriate epoxy resin, you can create a river table according to your tastes.

However, you should only approach a project of this size with the experience and the right epoxy resin to complete this type of large project. That’s why we always recommend starting with a smaller project like coasters, a charcuterie board, or a small pour. It is important to be familiar with the mixing process, resin ratio, wood preparation and casting environment. Each of these steps, if neglected, can lead to poor results.

In addition, the preparation of the wooden parts as well as the creation of a mold for the epoxy resin casting are very time consuming. Depending on the format of your mold, you may need several tens of liters of epoxy resin. The thicker your wood, the more resin you will need. The thickness and width of your river table (epoxy section) also determine the type of casting resin you will need to use.

After all, not all casting resins can be used equally and without problems. It is important to understand that to cast in thickness you must use a slower resin with a longer pot life. This will allow you to cast in thickness without overheating the resin.

Beginners often make the mistake of simply wanting to use cheap resin with a short pot life to build an epoxy resin river table themselves. For the manufacture of a river table, it is essential to use a quality resin with the right pot life, UV resistance, quality raw material, low viscosity and clarity. To have this type of characteristics, it is impossible to use a cheap resin at a low price. The manufacture of quality resin with raw materials from the 4 largest manufacturers is an expensive process. The majority of quality resins are found in the more expensive price spectrum.

Just as often, however, the wood, resin and workplace are adversely affected due to the heat development associated with the exothermic reaction. This undesirable reaction is often obtained by the use of a cheap resin qualified as “DEEP POUR” resin but with a rather short pot life. Many companies are using this now popular term to sell more resin without having the knowledge and technology. Often these companies are not manufacturing companies and usually package and label a product from Asia.

In order to prevent damage and dangers of this kind, it is therefore best to have both the necessary patience and the necessary investment in a casting resin of sufficient quality for such a project. However, even with high-quality products, you will need to choose the right resin for the right project.

Best epoxy resin for river table

To choose the right epoxy resin for an epoxy table, you should pay attention to the following properties:

1. With the dimensions, what is the thickness and mass to be cast? The thicker the project, the lower the heat generation should be, so that larger quantities can also be processed in one casting without overheating.

2. A longer pot life is advantageous because air bubbles can rise and escape longer. A longer pot life of 600 min and more will achieve thicknesses of 2″ in a single pour.

3. Casting resin with quality raw materials will provide better UV protection against long-term yellowing.


The high quality “DEEP POUR” systems like CHILL ICE 2 and CHILL DEEP POUR ( 2:1 ratio) are ideal for pouring large quantities and layer thicknesses of up to 2 inches ( CHILL ICE 2) and 2.5″ with CHILL DEEP POUR. These products are therefore perfectly suited for the production of your Epoxy River Table. You can pour larger quantities of epoxy resin in one go without problems with an adapted and controlled heat release.

Our “Deep Pour” epoxy resin systems are also already equipped with an effective UV filter. So you can be sure that the attractive transparency is maintained for a long time and that there is as little yellowing as possible. It also turns out that our DEEP POUR resins by their formulation proves to be a product that facilitates the penetration of wood, fine cracks due to its low viscosity allowing a superior mechanical strength.

Even the sometimes problematic air bubbles can easily escape on their own, so the extra work to remove them is not necessary. In view of this high quality, we believe that the price of the product is justified and reasonable. The slightly higher price category compared to some other products pays for itself with the better quality, because you will get a better result, and this more easily.




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