Epoxy 600L Drum Kit

600L Epoxy Drum kit

Epoxy Resin 600L Drum Kit are available for most of our casting systems for bigger projects such as river tables. This format for example, is ideal to reduce your productions cost and safe some space in your shop. CHILL EPOXY products are fully crystalline casting epoxy resins with very low viscosity. 100% Solid and Zero VOC or Harsh Chemicals.

When the two parts are mixed, the product will harden and provide a crystal clear, highly durable finish up to 1-2.5″ thick.

Using our systems alone will give you a crystal clear vitreous finish. They can also be combined with metallic pigments or liquid pigments can be added to create custom colours and effects. CHILL EPOXY products are ideal for woodworking, for example river tables, beach/ocean tables and any other deep casting applications.

Formulated by Polymeres Technologies for quality and high commercial performance. CHILL EPOXY products will harden to a clear, glass-like finish. Unlike the majority of brands using base materials, our products are more resistant to UV . These resist scratching and yellowing. In additions, the CHILL EPOXY products by their formulation and the quality of their materials are perfect for molding and transparent encapsulation.

100% solids two-component epoxy formulated for long gel time to achieve deep pours. For this reason, no shrinkage and yellowing. Our controlled low exotherm casting formulations harden to a crystalline solid form that resists stress cracking.

Epoxy Resin 600L Drum Kit

  • Ideal for deeper casting and river tables.
  • 100% VOC Free, No Odour
  • water-like viscosity, easy to mix and pour without bubbles.
  • Casting up to 2.5″ thick depending on the system.
  • Self-levelling and 100% solid
  • Superior mechanical property
  • Extremely durable and impact resistant
  • Excellent anti-air bubble properties


Epoxy 600L Drum Kit
Epoxy 600L Drum Kit

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Our 600L Drum kits are available online via our online store or on demand at sales@polymerestechnologies.com.