Cold temperature and epoxy resin

Cold temperature affects epoxy resin

Cold temperature and epoxy resin. Here are our recommendations for the use of our CHILL EPOXY™ during the winter period : 

  • When you receive the delivery of your products, do not use it before the resin comes back to 22°C. Based on the temperature level, it might take a few days to get back at room temperature. Generally, if the product is exposed to cold for few days, it will take few days to get back to 22°C. 
  • Keep the containers of resin at 22~24°C (72-74F). As you may know, if the containers are at 22°C, the resin inside the containers will be a few degrees less. 
  • Do not warehouse the products on a cold floor but on a shelf where air can circulate all around the containers. 
  • Do not also warehouse the containers near outside doors where the cold can reach the resin containers. 
  • Plan to use the resin few days in advance so the product will be at ambient temperature.  You can also monitor the resin temperature with an infrared thermometer.  
  • Make sure when you are pouring your CHILL EPOXY™ products that the temperature of the pouring room will remain at all times at 22°C.  Do not low down the temperature at night. 

Cold temperature and epoxy resin

If you follow these parameters, your CHILL EPOXY™ products will act as dictated on the technical data sheet.  All typical and physical properties will be reached (if naturally, you mixing ratio is precise and you A/B mix is totally homogenous) and you will be successful in your projects.     

A lot of people are trying to modify the polymerization structure of an epoxy system by many ways such as fans, heat sink and air conditioning.  If you have to do that, you are not using the appropriate product. Make sure to communicate with us for any required recommendations on the CHILL EPOXY™ to use for your projects. With CHILL EPOXY™ products, no babysitting, just pour and let it go.  

 Remember, let the resin work for you, do not try to change the DNA of the CHILL EPOXY™ products 

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