Epoxy curing time thinner layers

Epoxy curing time thinner layers

Epoxy curing time with thinner layers

Epoxy curing time with thinner layers. When part A and part B are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and creates heat. It is important to understand that epoxy resin are thermoset resin and react to heat. That is the heat created by the friction of the molecules that will induce the hardening of the resin (note that the ambient temperature will also accelerate the heat). The more important the mass, the more heat is created inside the mass. The more heat, the faster the curing of the resin. Consequently, when the layer is thicker, the resin will cure faster.

This means that if you are using a deep pour epoxy resin for a river table meant for a full 2″ thick pour and decide to under pour the epoxy will take longer to cure. By reducing the thickness, you will automatically reduce the exothermic reaction and therefore the epoxy will take longer to cure.

The same thing is true even with fast setting epoxy. For example, if a fast setting epoxy with 60 min of pot life can be poured up to 1/2 thick and is used for a flood coat or 1/4-1/16 layer the epoxy will take longer to completely harden. The fact that the epoxy is taking longer to cure doesn’t mean it won’t reach maximum properties. The lack of energy is slowing down the molecules from coming together, but they will get there in time.If you notice that your thinner layer is taking longer to cure, there is an efficient way to speed up the curing process of thinner layers. You can raise the room temperature above 25C/75F and each C/F over the recommended temperature will speed up the curing process.

This is why it is important to choose the right product for the right application. By pouring your epoxy at the right thickness and with the right condition, you will get the best out of your epoxy. By doing so, you will also save time.

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