Epoxy Metallic Color Pigments – Mica Powders


Epoxy Metallic Color Pigments – Mica Powders. Unfortunately, not all pigments are the same, especially when it comes to their weight. Most pigments on the market will not give you the expected results. Our Pigments specially designed for resin applications and their light weight will play an important role.

Since we select each of them with the lowest Micron level for better dispersion in our resins, you will obtain better results. Browse and choose from over twenty intense colors perfect for your next project. Our unique pigments are designed to be added to the CHILL EPOXY casting, coating resins, rapid epoxy, countertops, flooring resins and other CHILL EPOXY resins.
Available in 1oz and 3oz metallic colors are special effect pigments composed of mica nanoparticles coated with various organic and inorganic electrical colors that are safe and non-toxic.

Make sure to read the TDS. Use the pigments with the lowest “Microns” possible. In other words, using “high micron” pigments may cause them to sink more easily.

Create amazing metallic epoxy effect in an unlimited effect variations. Our metallic powder pigments will give you great effect when mixed into the crystal clear CHILL EPOXY.

Choose between over 20 different colors.

Epoxy Metallic Color Pigments – Mica Powders

  • 2-3% only is need to color the epoxy and create stunning effects. Adding to much will only oversaturate the resin.
  • For better results, we recommend to execute a preliminary test. Please test, evaluate and determine quantity of pigment before full application.
  • We advise to mix the resin according to the TDS of each product before adding the pigments.
  • Once the resin is clear and completely homogeneous, you can add the pigments and mix further.

For more information on our Epoxy Metallic Color Pigments, please contact us at sales@polymerestechnologies.com

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