How is your Epoxy Non-Toxic?

How Is you Epoxy Non-Toxic

How is your Epoxy Non-Toxic? Firstly, the CHILL EPOXY products are 100% solid with no VOC (volatile organic content) or fumes.  This means that you can work safely in keeping in mind that it is a chemical product. Always protect yourself with gloves, protective lenses and an apron. 


All the CHILL EPOXY™ products are totally without any VOC (Volatile Organic Content) or commodity raw materials which could migrate to the surface. Therefore, they are food safe. However, you require to use a precise mixing ratio and a totally homogeneous mix of the A/B parts to have all molecules to link to each other and create a solid and stable molecule network.   

This means that if you follow the instructions and read the TDS, there is no cause for concern or risk to one’s health. All our raw materials are pure epoxy with any presence of harsh chemicals. We are proud partners of the best Resin and Hardener Manufacturer in the world. Made from the purest and safest raw materials available on the market. There are no solvents or cheap diluents that other epoxy resin brands used to lower their cost.

How is your Epoxy Non-Toxic?

In conclusion, our epoxy has no VOCs migrating at the surface, which can cause respiratory distress and other serious health problems. As a result, everything reacts, nothing will migrate to the surface. This is entirely unique to CHILL EPOXY products formulated by Polymeres Technologies INC. Most products on the market will require warning labels or have been obligated to do so because of the raw materials used in their formulation or by the manufacturer. While most other brands buy already formulated systems, we on the other side handpick each raw materials we use to create our products. Most products on the market will be know has poisonous. In addition, they use harsh chemicals, VOCs/Solvents and can cause health problems and/or is hazardous to the environment.

Even if your epoxy resin is non-toxic or doesn’t have VOCs, using a cheap dye can compromise the product’s safety. This is why we have formulated our own epoxy-based liquid pigments. Free of water, alcohol, solvent our pigments are 100% solid. If you used a flammable solvent like alcohol, the epoxy is no longer considered to be non-toxic or food safe. By using our epoxy-based pigment 100% compatible with our epoxy, your project will be non-toxic and food safe.