How To Apply Multiple Layers Of Epoxy Resin

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How to Apply Multiple Layers of Epoxy Resin. If you are planning on doing multiple layers of epoxy to achieve a specific design or desired thickness? Well you will need to wait a certain time based on multiple factors.

When using the CHILL EPOXY resins, it can be a helpful process to add a second layer or multiple thinner layers, but you want to make sure to follow the correct procedures.

Doing multiple layers is a great way to have more control on the result. This technique is often used to create 3D effects, encapsulate objects or to mix different colours. The moment to pour a second layer is when the previous layer is still a little bit tacky. What does tacky means exactly when using epoxy?

Tacky means the epoxy has passed a certain stage during the curing process and is now strong enough to receive a second layer but the molecule chain is not completely close. A good indication of the “Tacky window” is when you touch the surface and the epoxy doesn’t stick to your finger but leaves small marks of your fingerprints. At this stage you will get both a physical and mechanical bonding.

How to Apply Multiple Layers of Epoxy Resin – What if I miss this “Tacky window”?

Your epoxy is fully cured, don’t worry! As long as the surface is clean and free of any contamination, the bonding between the cure layer and the new one will be phenomenal. However, if the last layer is hard and fully cured, it is best to lightly sand the surface before you re-pour in order for the next layer of epoxy to adhere properly. Sand sanding the epoxy surface will create PEAKS & VALLEYS for the next pour to bond to.

What product to use for thin layers?

For layers between 1/16 up to 1/2 inch thick, we recommend using the CHILL CLEAR (2:1) – Low viscosity Clear Fast-Setting epoxy. This clear epoxy resin with 60 min of pot life is ideal for thinner layers. It will fully cure in less than 72h at 22C/72F. For a thin layer, the CHILL CLEAR (2:1) will usually reach the “tacky window” between 12-24h.


Epoxy resin for multiple layers
CHILL CLEAR (2:1)- Low viscosity Clear Fast-Setting epoxy.