When Epoxy is Ready to use?

When Epoxy is Ready to use

When epoxy is ready to use? If the epoxy is clear after mixing, does it mean it’s ready to be poured? Absolutely NOT. The clearness of the mixture doesn’t mean the epoxy has been mixed long enough to be 100% homogeneous. The epoxy should always be mixing for 8-10 minutes minimum with a metal spatula. Sides and bottom need to be scraped to remove any unmixed epoxy sticking to the sides and bottom. Pour part A and B consecutively and in this order and mix evenly following the steps mentioned above.

Depending on the quantity to be mixed, mix mechanically or by hand. It is normal to see whitish filaments when the mixing of parts A and B begins. When scrapping the sides and bottom throughout the process, if you still see streaks, this means the epoxy isn’t fully mixes.

When epoxy is ready to use?

It is important to understand that if you leave a certain amount of unmix epoxy, you will end up with sticky spots, uncured epoxy and possibly a ruined project. For smaller projects, 1L or less, we recommend mixing for 5-8 min. This long may seem excessive, but remember that you can’t mix too much. On the order side not mixing enough will give you disastrous results.

When using an Ultra-Fast setting epoxy like the CHILL FIX 2:1 (13 min) or the CHILL SEALER (18 min), you only mix small amount at a time. We recommend to mix 3-4 mins and pour the epoxy right away. Even when mixing for such a small amount, you still need to scrape the sides and bottom.

In conclusion, what is important to understand here, is that even if the epoxy looks totally clear it might not be ready to pour. A lot of people forget to scrape the sides and bottom and leave a significant amount of Part A or B out of the mix. This percentage will be needed to have a perfectly homogeneous mixture and reach all properties.