Chill Deep pour

Transparent epoxy resin for 2-2.5″ river tables in a single pour 


CHILL DEEP POUR is a 100% reactive epoxy system with very low viscosity and high ultraviolet resistance. The CHILL DEEP POUR makes it possible to cast river tables, from 60-100 liters, between to 2” and 2.5” thick, in a single casting depending on the form and mass, while maintaining its transparency and high precision.

Its long pot life makes it possible to mix several liters at a time and to pour a large quantity of resin during the production of the river table.

The CHILL DEEP POUR demolding time is 7 days at 22C/74F.

This system also meets the European RoHS standard.


  • High quality raw materials
  • Easy mixing ration of 2A/1B by volume
  • 7 days curing time

  • No cooling systems needed

  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Glossy Finish
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Very low viscosity
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Meet the RoHS standard
  • No withdrawal


Store CHILL DEEP POUR on a pallet (do not store directly on the floor) or shelf @ 22 °C with relative humidity less than 60%. A cold environment will increase the viscosity of each part A and B and a warmer environment will decrease it.

Before using CHILL DEEP POUR, be sure to mix each Part A and B. Minimize air formation as much as possible by gently mixing for a minimum of 10 minutes with a metal spatula. Don’t forget to scrape the sides and bottom.

Mix exactly 2 parts of A with 1 part of B by volume (or 100 A / 44 B by weight) and make sure to mix evenly, making sure to scrape the edges and the bottom of your container.

Since the pot life of the system is 1800 minutes @ 22 ° C for a mass of 200 grams, be sure not to mix more material that can be applied within the life time pot. It is important to note that the pot life time will be shortened in a warmer environment and will be lengthened in a cooler environment. The handling time will reflect the temperature level. Also, the greater the amount of resins to be mixed, the shorter the pot life time will be.

Uncured material can be easily cleaned using isopropyl alcohol or T-901 solvent.

  • Products

    The CHILL DEEP POUR   is our slowest epoxy solution and his actually the CHILL ICE 2 big brother.

    This epoxy casting resin will allow you to pour between 2.0-2.5 inches thick and with a mass of up to 90-110 liters depending on the design of the river. Its extended pot life and Extremely Low viscosity is offering the best bonding and while getting rid of the bubbles within minutes. Basically “No need” for torches anymore.

    THE CHILL DEEP POUR allows you to pour bigger and deeper project once again without the need to babysit or the need to cool it down. When most epoxy solution at 2 inches thick will require Fans, heat sink or AC, the CHILL DEEP POUR  has a very controlled exothermic reaction so you don’t have to put out extra work.

  • Typical properties

    AT 22°C / 72°F
        Part A Part B Mixed
    Viscosity Brookfield (cps) 700 55 195
    Consistency   Liquid Liquid Liquid
    Density g/cm3 1.10 0.94 1.035
    Mixing Ratio By volume 2 1 2/1
    Mixing Ratio By weight 100 44 100/44
    Color   Transparent Transparent Transparent
    Pot life   >1800 minutes >1800 minutes >1800 minutes
    Gel Time   >2000 minutes >2000 minutes >2000 minutes
    Peak Exothermic Temperature ASTM D 2471-71 ~75-80°C ~75-80°C ~75-80°C
    Full cure*   7 days @ 22°C 7 days @ 22°C 7 days @ 22°C
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