metallic powders


    CHILL PIGMENTS™ metallic powders are highly concentrated colour pigments. Completely compatible with all the products of our CHILL EPOXY line. Strong colours will be achieved by using them with our low viscosity epoxy solution.

    It is recommended to start with 2-3% of the volume of epoxy to build the color.


    • Mica Powder Pigments

    • Non-Toxic

    • Low Micron ( Weight)

    • Wide variety of colors

    • Available in 1oz or 3oz

    • Pigment is sold by weight 


    The CHILL PIGMENTS™ have been selected to be the lowest weight possible for a better resin dispersion. Our CHILL PIGMENTS™ mix easily with all our different systems. It is also possible to combine colors for a more effects. 

    It is recommended to start with a small amount of CHILL PIGMENTS™ in order to build your color and intensity. Adding too much pigments will only saturate your resin and the majority will sink.

    • Products

      While most pigments available on the market are not selected specifically for mixing with epoxy resins, we select our pigments to be the lowest “MICRONS” possible for a better dispersion in our CHILL EPOXY™ casting systems.

      No need to saturate the resin. Simply add a little and build your color. It is recommended to start with 2-3% of the volume of epoxy to build the color.

      Available colors

      3rd Place


      Bermuda Triangle

      Black Eye

      Black Hole

      Bloody Cesar

      Coffee Break

      Cosmic Gate

      Dirty Dog

      Disco Ball

      Gold Digger

      Jungle Boogie

      Pumpkin Latte

      Resin Berry Blue

      Shark Attack

      Smash Eggplant

      Smoking Muppet

      Spring Break Regrets

      White Russian

      Wine Stain