P-TEC 8400™

1:1  ratio Polyurethane WOOD repair paste



P-TEC 8400 is a 100% solid, thixotropic and low density polyurethane repair paste for the repairing of wood. This product is used for fast repairing of CNC machined molds or prototypes made out from polyurethane boards or wood which show fissures, voids or any defects to the surface. The P-TEC 8400™ can also be of good help to repair damaged edges and design modification.

This product can also be used as an adhesive to structurally assemble polyurethane boards and wooden panels among others.


  • Easy mixing ratio of 1A/1B volume
  • NO VOC


  • No shrinkage
  • No odor
  • Fast and easy sanding process
  • Fast setting time of 18 minutes at 22°C.
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stabilities
  • Compatible with many surface coatings
  • Excellent adhesive for many substrate
  • Available in Black, Beige or Brown (cognac)

  • Can be colored with our CHILL DROPS™ (BEIGE KIT)


Both parts must be thoroughly mixed according to the mixing ratio indicated on this technical data sheet. Before use, check that the support is free of any dust, grease or pollution. During processing, pot life and time before sanding may vary depending on the ambient temperature.

The exothermic that will develop during hardening varies with the thickness of product applied, up to a maximal value of 79ºC (174ºF)


Test is necessary when using painting in order to verify compatibility between the putty and the primer.

  • Products

    P-TEC 8400™ is a low density polyurethane repair paste ideal to fill cracks, voids or knots.  Easy mixing ratio of 1A/1B volume, the P-TEC 8400™ can be sanded in less than 20 minutes.

    Mix both parts thoroughly to obtain a uniform color. Once the two parts are thoroughly mixed together, you have 4 minutes to apply the product at 72F (22C).

    Once ready to sand, Use a 120 sandpaper to begin with to erase the rings around the cracks and finish up with the 150 sandpaper. 

    Available in Black, Beige or Brown (cognac)


  • Typical properties

    AT 22°C / 72°F
        Part A Part B Mixed
    Viscosity Brookfield (cps) Paste Paste Paste
    Density g/cm3 0.88 0.88 0.88
    Mixing Ratio By volume 1 1 1/1
    Mixing Ratio By weight 100 100 100/100
    Color   Greenish grey Beige Greenish grey
    Pot life ASTM D 2471 5 minutes at 22°C 5 minutes at 22°C 5 minutes at 22°C
  • Questions

    • Is the P-TEC 8400 food safe?

      YES! The P-TEC 8400 is a Polyurethane paste 100% Solid and 0% VOC. Therefore it can be use safely on charcuterie board or Serving trays. 

    • Will the P-TEC take stains and oils?

      Once fully cured the P-TEC 8400 can be light sanded and will take stains, oils and pigments that are ZERO VOC. Make sure to test on a small piece to validate the compatibility with your finishing products.

    • How high should the PTE-8400 be sanded?

      We recommend 150-250 for the best results and not exceeding 400 grit for the only reason that if the P-TEC 8400 is sanded too high, the surface will become too smooth for the finishing products to link.