CHILL 3D – 1:1 Highly UV-Resistant Top Coat Epoxy Kit


CHILL 3D™ is a 1:1 ratio highly UV-resistant clear epoxy that will add a deep and shiny finish to your paintings or top coat. With a slightly higher viscosity, this formula is perfect to create doming or lacing effects on your canvas or wood surface.

CHILL 3D™ is a superior (1:1 ratio) epoxy  system ideal for countertops, bar tops or table tops. CHILL 3D™ will  produces a high gloss, hard & durable finish with High yellowing resistance. CHILL 3D™ will offer you a superior heat and scratch resistance due to its High SHORE D – Hardness. It can be use on common surfaces and will offer you a long lasting result with low maintenance.  CHILL 3D™, even with its medium viscosity compared to our casting systems will still self-level and can easily spread around with a resin trowel. CHILL 3D™ is specifically formulated to resist Kitchen cleaners.

Its medium viscosity is ideal cover wood slabs with live edge, countertop or projects outside of molds/forms to avoid materials loses from running off the edges.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for countertops, bar tops and tables tops projects. It can also be used to apply on canvases
  • Ideal for “Lacing effects” and “Beach Scenes” on wooden surfaces.
  • It is commonly used to create a certain depth on specific areas it’s applied on.
  • 100% Solid and VOC FREE
  • Very durable
  • Self-Leveling
  • Excellent U.V & Heat Resistance
  • Glossy Finish
  • Bush Free
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Can be colored with one of our CHILL DROPS™ or metallic pigments.
  • Very strong mechanical strength and Stress resistance

Product characteristiques:

  • Easy Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume or 100/85 by weight
  • Ideal Working Temperature: 22C /72F
  • Mixing time : 8-10 minutes minimum
  • Pot Time: 60 minutes at 22C/72F  depending on volumes and room temperature
  • Cure Time: 3-5 days depending on volume, room temperature, humidity level, and thickness of the casting
  • Recommended Thickness per Layer: 1/8-1/4″ per layer.
  • Maximum Thickness in a single pour: 1/2″ max
  • Tack Free : 12 hours
  • Cure Appearance: Optical Clarity
  • Viscosity : 3500 CPS  Mixed – Medium Viscosity
  • Recommended cleaning products: POLY CLEANER™  Resin Cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol

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CHILL 3D™  is a 100% reactive Highly UV-Resistant Clear Coat Epoxy with medium viscosity. The CHILL 3D™  allows to give depth and brilliance to your artistic canvas, countertop, bar top, table tops or other substrates such as concrete, wood, metals among others. Ideal for “lacing effects” and “beach scenes” on wooden surfaces. The CHILL 3D™  is the ideal product for thinner layers and can be poured up to 0.5 inch thick. Its thixotropic characteristics makes it possible to stabilize the pigments and avoid a separation in the casting. Application: When using the CHILL 3D™  we recommend applying a seal coat first. Applying a thin layer of the CHILL SEALER™ – FAST SETTING EPOXY to seal any cavities and porosities is recommended.  The seal coat can be apply with a brush or roller to prevent any air/humidity to come out and to prevent the formation of bubbles when using the CHILL 3D™ as flood coat. We recommend pouring the CHILL 3D™ from the center and let it self-level. A squeegee or resin trowel can be used to help spread the CHILL 3D™ all over your surface. CHILL 3D™ is usually applied in 1/8 layers at a time, but can be recoated once the epoxy is tacky or cured enough to receive a second coat.  

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