How to choose
The right
Epoxy ?

How much resin do I need?

Use the calculator  to work out approximately how much resin you will need for your resin river table project.

Due to the irregular shape of waney edge timber, it is not possible to calculate exactly how much resin you will require but the calculator below will give you a ‘best guess’. We suggest allowing a little extra, just to be sure.

If the product is poured in thickness and mass less than recommended, the polymerization process will be much slower, due to a reduced exothermic effect.

If the product is poured in thickness and mass higher than recommended, phenomena of yellowing, accentuated shrinkage, and cracks will appear, and this, due to an amplified exothermic effect.

It is therefore important to choose the appropriate system for a specific application. We strongly recommend performing validation tests before proceeding with your project. It is imperative to validate your measurement techniques for parts A and B, of the homogeneous mixture of the latest as well as the achievement of total polymerization.

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has formulated casting systems suitable for casting of different masses and thicknesses. Each one have a specific purpose.

Fast setting Epoxy


To fill small cracks, voids, knots and pin holes

ULTRA-FAST Setting clear epoxy system for quick repairs.


Fast Setting Seal Coat

Ideal to seal live edge or any wood surface.


Up to 0.25 inch thick

Is a coating resin develeped to offer a smooth and clean finish surface for wood or canvas.


Up to 0.25 inch thick

Is as fast setting epoxy ideal to fill  small to medium size cracks, voids or knot. It is also communly use for jewelry or small castingsto because of its short pot life and curing time.


Up to 0.5 inch thick

Ideal to fill larger cracks, fill CNC logos, inlays, coasters or use as a flood coat because of its low viscosity

Slow setting Epoxy


Pours between 0.5″ to 1.5″ in a single pour

Ideal for small to medium size casting. Communly use for coffee table, charcuterie boards and other project up to 1.5 ” thick.


castings between 1.5″- 2″ thick in a single pour

Our most popular and polyvalent system mostly use for making river tables and deeper casting up to 2″ thick.

Chill Deep Pour

for river tables between 2-2.5 inch, 60L-100l in a single pour

Is the perfect solution for bigger and larger project such as big river tables or unusual designs.