Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Deep pour Epoxy resin


DEEP POUR EPOXY RESIN. These days, you see a lot or epoxy repackagers/manufacturers saying that their epoxy casting system is a DEEP POUR system. That it can be poured up to 2-3 and 4 inches thick without never mentioning up to how many liters…humm? Why hiding the volume you can pour? Probably because they don’t know and they never tested their products.

If they also mention that you require to low down your room temperature, use fans and torch to get rid of bubbles, it is definitely not a Deep Pour system. A real DEEP POUR system is formulated with the objectives of being extremely low in viscosity (de-air by itself). A long pot life, a low exotherm curve and with a very low shrinkage level. When a company mentions that their system can be poured up to 4 inches, it is often a pour of 0.500 inch x 4 inches with low masses, which you will understand is a pour of 0.500 inch thick and not 4 inches (which is the length), that’s called playing with words…


Moreover, a real Deep Pour epoxy resin system will allow to pour in large masses from 50L to 130L from 1 inch thick to 3 inches thick in ONE SINGLE POUR not several pours of 0.500 inch or less. You want to validate if your resin is a DEEP POUR system, pour a block of  4 “x 4″x 4”) and see the result…you will definitely save time and money. You will realize that the mention “DEEP POUR” is often overestimated voluntarily to hide the reality. If you obtain a bad result such as yellowing, shrinkage, cracks and more, imagine on a larger and bigger project. Mass has a direct impact on the exothermic reaction.

In conclusion,be careful when selecting your Deep Pour epoxy system. Make sure it mentions to what thickness and mass you can pour up to. If it is not mentioned, this is not a real DEEP POUR system. The Pot life of the resin is a good indication if the epoxy can be poured in big quantity without overheating. Anything below 300 min of pot life isn’t a Deep pour epoxy resin. It will be limited to a certain mass and thickness before overheating. For example, our DEEP POUR EPOXY RESIN for 2″ thick has 600 min of pot life, which allows you to pour bigger masses ( length + width) at 2″ thick without overheating or the need to add fans to cool it down.

Hence, another example would be our CHILL DEEP POUR CASTING EPOXY for 2-2.5″ thick pour. Ideal for deeper and wider project with considerable mass between 60-100L in a single pour.

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