Epoxy Resin UV Resistance


Epoxy Resin UV Resistance

Epoxy Resin UV-Resistance. Over the last few years Epoxy Resins have become very popular among woodworkers, hobbyist and DIY makers. It is now used because of the versatility, ease of working the product as well as the final result. At Polymeres Technologies, our technical team has formulated a complete line of premium epoxy systems for you to create amazing projects. Whether it is a River table, or a clear casting project, those projects are achieved because of the technology behind epoxy resins. Especially because it allows light to go through just like a glass.

Epoxy Resin UV-Resistance, how does it work?

As you may know, UV rays are very aggressive and can easily damage any epoxy giving time. Direct sunlight in particular is extremely harmful for the molecular structure. The main reason is that the molecular structure will absorb those UV rays acting as a defence barrier. This molecular structure will give the epoxy hardness, durability and hardness to cured epoxy resin and cannot be substituted. Epoxy under overexposure will begin to change colour due to oxidation of molecules and start losing its initial appearance. If not stabilized by the quality of its raw materials the yellowing will start faster.

Although it is currently not possible to completely stop the yellowing of the molecules caused by UV light, it is possible to slow down the epoxy’s oxidation process significantly. Polymeres Technologies chemistry team came up with a protection approach based on using specific premium raw materials. This effective but expensive formulation helps our products to resist yellowing longer unlike convenience brands. When we talk about the chemistry of molecules and their resistance to UV, it is well known that certain high-end materials offer better resistance.

In conclusion, by combining certain specific raw materials and crosslinking them to the molecular structure of our state-of-the-art systems offer a better resistance to the devastating effect of UV rays. Those formulations are capable of reducing slowing down the effects of the sun.


UV Epoxy resin resistance