Why Is Epoxy Resin Expensive?

Epoxy resin price

Why is epoxy resin expensive? How much should I pay for my epoxy? What is in my epoxy price?

Why is epoxy resin expensive? We are often asked why CHILL EPOXY™ products are more expensive than other brands that can be easily found on the market. The question regarding pricing is legitimate but make sure not to compare apples with pears ! What is really in your epoxy price ? The market is full of epoxy resins that are very low quality and really cheap. A lot of companies are just packaging resins imported from some places in Asia, or other obscure places, with no control over raw materials or production. Consequently, the quality/ characteristics of the product are likely to be unstable from one batch to another. When you purchase CHILL EPOXY™ products, you choose resins that are proudly manufactured in Canada with very strict standards of formulation and production.

We select and control the origin of each raw material, inspect them and make sure they conform to specific requirements before being incorporated to any production. Traceability is at the core of our production process. Each batch is under scrutiny and quality control department has to approve every batch before product is packaged and shipped. We also believe that there is no such product as one formula with which you can do all kinds of projects. It is imperative to choose the right product that fits the type of project, hence all the range of CHILL EPOXY™ products.

Why quality epoxy is expensive?

Epoxy resin is often more expensive than other types of resins because it is more durable and longer-lasting. It is also more heat resistant and chemically resistant than other types of resins, which makes it useful for a wide range of applications. In addition, the production process for epoxy resin is more complex and time-consuming than that for other types of resins, which can also contribute to its higher cost. Finally, epoxy resin is often used in small quantities for specialized applications, which can also contribute to its higher price per liter.

High-quality epoxy resin is generally more expensive than cheaper options for a few reasons:

  1. Raw materials: High-quality epoxy resin is made with high-quality raw materials, which can be more expensive to source and produce.
  2. Manufacturing processes: The manufacturing processes used to produce high-quality epoxy resin are often more complex and time-consuming, which can increase the cost of the final product.
  3. Brand reputation: Brands that have a good reputation for producing high-quality epoxy resin may charge a premium for their products.
  4. Performance: High-quality epoxy resin is formulated to provide maximum strength and durability, which can justify the higher price.

It is important to keep in mind that while high-quality epoxy resin may be more expensive upfront, it can provide better results and have a longer lifespan compared to cheaper options. This can save you money in the long run, as you will not need to replace the resin as often. In some cases, it may be worth investing in a high-quality epoxy resin for projects that require a strong, durable bond.

  1. High-quality epoxy resin is generally formulated to provide better performance and properties compared to cheaper options. Some of the benefits of using high-quality epoxy resin include:
  2. Strength and durability: High-quality epoxy resin is typically stronger and more durable compared to cheaper options. This can be important for applications where the bonded joint will be subjected to heavy loads or stress.
  3. Consistency: High-quality epoxy resin is more consistent in terms of its properties and performance, which can be important for achieving reliable and repeatable results.
  4. Easy to use: High-quality epoxy resin is often easier to work with and has a more user-friendly curing process. This can be important for ensuring a smooth and successful project.
  5. Long lifespan: High-quality epoxy resin is more resistant to degradation and has a longer lifespan compared to cheaper options. This can save you money in the long run, as you will not need to replace the resin as often.

That being said, the specific properties and performance of an epoxy resin will depend on the specific formulation and the type of application it is being used for. It is always a good idea to do some research and compare different products before making a decision.

Some high-quality epoxy resins are formulated with UV stabilizers or other additives that can improve their resistance to UV radiation. These resins may be more resistant to fading, yellowing, or other types of damage caused by UV exposure.

That being said, not all epoxy resins are formulated with UV resistance in mind, and the specific UV resistance of a resin will depend on the specific formulation and the type of application it is being used for. If UV resistance is a critical requirement for your application, it is important to choose an epoxy resin that is specifically formulated for UV resistance. You may also want to consider using a UV-resistant coating or sealant over the cured resin to provide additional protection.

The idea behind each formula / product is to propose a product that helps the user achieve the best results by itself…

Such as our slow setting formulas that degaze naturally and does not need to be torched, or kept from overheating being surrounded with fans, etc…Once you select the right product, you measure the exact ratio, you mix , you pour, and that’s it…Something that makes us different, is that we do not only sell the products. We also test them in real conditions, to make sure they are perfectly designed to meet our customers’ needs.

For instance, our slow setting casting resins are the result of many adjustments and fine-tuning that were only possible because we casted many river tables before we reached the perfect formula.

+ These are only VOC free products, no solvent: pure raw materials

+ We offer customer service and technical support whenever people need it.

Why is epoxy resin expensive? People have always a choice to choose whatever brand is available on the market, but we proud ourselves to offer a distinctive product, a premium epoxy.  For sure, if you tested many brands of mediocre epoxy before turning to our product, you know it already:  you pay for what you get… with CHILL EPOXY™, you get a proudly Canadian product, VOC free, with high quality and traceability standards! Don’t you think your passionate work is worth a premium product?

Take home trick:

Finally, don’t forget to compare pricing per liter. If you are shown a price per gallon, is it the container size that is referred to or a real 3.78 L? If your are given a price per LBS or kg, divide the weight by the density of the product to get the volume in liter !

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