How do you mix epoxy resin?

Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin the Best Choice
What to avoid when mixing? How do you mix epoxy resin?  Avoid containers that have already been used and mixers that are dirty and not cleaned. Those could contaminate the epoxy.  Never use containers with uneven bottom or sides or with beads which do not allow a completely homogeneous mixture. Use containers with smooth bottoms and sides.
Also avoid valves and taps contaminated by systems other than CHILL EPOXY products. Resin work requires a clean environment as well as unused tools and containers. Do not skimp on the purchase of graduated containers and spatulas large enough to obtain. Clean your tools very carefully to avoid any contamination from your future pouring. CHILL EPOXY offers you the possibility of purchasing graduated containers and metal spatulas of different sizes.

AVOID : Avoid mixing with the following items:

Wood Sticks, Sushi sticks or any wood sticks
Baton pop century.
Knives, Forks, Spoons


How do you mix epoxy resin?

How do you mix epoxy resin? Preferred: It is important to use the right tools when it comes to mixing resin. Using the wrong mixing cups or mixing tools could result in the epoxy not curing properly due to a lack of homogeneity.

  1. Metallic spatula for small quantity
  2. Flat mixing cup (avoid red cups or cups with a level at the bottom, lids, or rings inside)
  3. Jiffy mixer for the most part, but also use a metal spatula to scrape any unmix epoxy sticking to the sides and bottom.

Laboratory Mixer

The higher the volume of the container, the more the mixing tool will have to be adapted to the quantity of resin. For example, a spatula 1″ wide should be used for a round container 6 inches in diameter. Use a 12-inch diameter container with a 2″ diameter spatula. Of course, a small amount can be done with a metal spatula.  For larger amounts use a mechanical mixer. In order to avoid the introduction of bubbles, mix on medium speed but longer.

IMPORTANT: It is better to mix longer than not enough. Users do not usually take this important procedure seriously enough. Make sure to mix longer and more efficiently than required. Almost 100% of the problems come from a bad calculation of the quantities to be made and or from a bad mixing.

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