Are all your epoxy products on your website?

Are all your epoxy products on your website?

Are all your epoxy products on your website?

Are all your epoxy products on your website? First of all, we offer a vast selection of epoxy resin products but some products are not available online.

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES, manufacturer of CHILL EPOXY, we offers integrated strategic solutions that combine a vast array of thermosetting plastic materials withs cutting-edge technical know-how.

Secondly, take note that if you can’t  find a product for your application on our website, we will be more than happy to assist you. In addition, CHILL EPOXY online store is a new approach to buying epoxy resin with a “One-stop-shop” structure. We provide each and every client with our top-notch technical expertise and our complete range of highly specialized products.

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES can provide the expertise you need to reach your goal. Let’s work together to make all of your projects a success.

As an industry leader, our mission is to proactively provide our clients with leading-edge technical know-how about our thermosetting systems. Above all, present integrated strategic solutions that use our vast array of specialized products.

Forging solid links…Through our dedication to outstanding customer service, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES  works as a true business partner with your organization. Our attention to detail and to your needs allow you to pursue your goals effectively and deliver results that meet your expectations.

A creative and dynamic team!

In conclusion, POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized leader in the field of thermosetting systems. Moreover, we offer you cutting-edge technical know-how, a vast and varied inventory, and exceptional customer service, all under one roof. For instance, every member of the Polymères Technologies team has in-depth knowledge of our products and their uses. Our handpicked experts are experienced and conscientious; they are the best of the best. They work with your company to help you achieve your goals.Polymères Technologies is all about partnership. We offer you a dynamic association that will help you to get the job done.

Please contact us at support@polymerestechnologies.com for more information or custom products.

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