Epoxy Resin Mold Release

Epoxy resin mold release agent

Epoxy Resin Mold Release. Firstly, as you may know epoxy will stick to almost everything except a few things. There are only a few materials that will allow you to pour the epoxy on without worrying.


  • CHEAP – Tuck Tape, TYVEK or any polypropylene tape. Applying this tape inside the mold will allow to pour directly on the smooth side of the tape without sticking. It is cheap and can be found in most Hardware Store. Downside : It take more time to apply and will leave tape marks and imperfection that will need to be sanded or planned.
  •  The FAST – CHILL RELEASE 110 our Silicone based Release agent for epoxy. Comes in liquid form and can be easily applied with a brush or clean cloth. 2 coats ( 15 mins) apart and you are ready to pour. Follow instruction.
  • The EXPENSIVE –  High-density polyethylene (HDPEor polyethylene high-density (PEHD) is a polyethylene thermoplastic. It comes in 1/2 and 3/4  sheets and is ideal to creates a mold. Epoxy doesn’t stick to HDPE. Downside: the price

Silicone Epoxy Molds Silicone-Based Agent CHILL RELEASE 110™

Tired of using red tapes and having all those tape marks on the bottom surface of your epoxy causing extra sanding? Thus, the silicone epoxy molds CHILL RELEASE 110™ is the best alternative for professional epoxy users to replace tape inside your molds and save time.

Hence, CHILL RELEASE 110™ is a silicone base compound primarily formulated to release agents in epoxy, rigid, elastomeric polyurethane and metal molds. Moreover, it is for various industrial applications. Indeed allowing easy removal of epoxy projects inside your molds and forms and applies to any surface, especially melamine.

Epoxy resin mold release agent


  • Undoubtedly this 1 component product is easy to use and apply with a clean brush or cloth.
  • Allows for easy & clean removal of cured epoxy projects
  • It does not damage your mold or equipment, does not affect your epoxy.
  • It indeed improves molding efficiency and extends the life of your epoxy mold.
  • For use with all CHILL EPOXY™ systems
  • Available in .500ml and 1L formats


It is recommendable to apply 2 to 3 layers of 0.001 inches on a new mold. Just make sure that you sit the release agent for 2-3 minutes @ 22 oC before applying another layer. Use a clean cotton cloth or a paintbrush, making sure to avoid drips. 

Please consult POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES for additional information based on your application.