Epoxy Resin Pigments

For best results, we recommend using our CHILL PIGMENTS and CHILL DROPS™. The CHILL DROPS™ (OPAQUE /TRANSPARENT) are highly concentrated colors pigments. Completely compatible with all the products of our CHILL EPOXY™ line. Strong colors will be achieved by using gradually between 0.0250% up to 5% in weight/volume in the mixture A/B until you reach the desired color.

Epoxy Resin Pigments

Unfortunately, a lot of people use cheap dyes to color their epoxy project without knowing the consequences. If we look at chemistry, alcohol and water are not compatible with epoxy. This is why over time this will eventually disappear. Chemically speaking, the water or alcohol molecules do not attach with the molecular chain of the resin. These will therefore remain suspended in the chain and the mixture. The fact of remaining free in the mixture, these will be affected by UV, aging and oxidation of the molecules. It is therefore normal to see water and solvent-based dyes disappear after only 1-2 years.

Firstly, liquid epoxy resin CHILL DROPS™ has highly concentrated 100% reactive epoxy-based liquid pigments available in OPAQUE or TRANSPARENT options. Completely compatible with the CHILL EPOXY™ line of products, they will allow you to achieve pure colors by using gradually between 0.0250% up to 5% in weight/volume in the mixture A/B until you reach the desired color.

Moreover, without any VOC-Volatile Organic Compounds, alcohol, or water, in opposition to what is in the market, the CHILL DROPS™ TRANSPARENT and CHILL DROPS™ OPAQUE are the only recommended pigments to use with the CHILL EPOXY™ solutions for pure and long-lasting color. Make sure to store CHILL DROPS™ transparent on a shelf (do not store directly on the floor) @ 22 °C with less than 60% relative humidity.

Thirdly, and most importantly, a cold environment will increase the viscosity of the pigment, and a warmer environment will decrease it. Hence it is a highly concentrated color pigment. We suggest the user determine the amount of dye to add to the mixture by gradually adding a few drops to the mixture A/B.

Contact POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES for more information. support@polymerestechnologies.com  

This pigment meets the European RoHS standard.

Avoid using solvent or alcohol base pigments. Low-end alcohol-based pigments or food dyes are not compatible with EPOXY CHILL systems and will most likely fade with time.  Always use THE CHILL DROPS pigments from POLYMERS TECHNOLOGIES for better results.

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