The Best Quality Epoxy Resins

High-Quality Epoxy Resins for Woodworking

The Best Quality Epoxy Resins of 2022. Firstly, we selected the best raw materials around the world to formulate the best products.  Compared to others, we always work with specialty raw materials and never use commodity ingredients.  The best results are always reached with this philosophy and our team formulates and produces based on that mindset.  

The Best Quality Epoxy Resins. Diversity of Our Products

CHILL EPOXY™ Systems are fast- Setting & Casting Epoxy resins formulated with premium raw materials to offer superior results. All our systems are two parts systems that once fully cured will offer a crystal clear finish with superior properties.

Superior Quality Control

In addition, all CHILL EPOXY™ Systems have been tested and QC following precise procedures to ensure product quality and consistency. You can now create amazing projects using our top of the line, clear, low viscosity systems. Those have been specially formulated for the woodworking industry, resin artists and more.

Real Manufacturer

Polymeres Technologies INC is manufacturing and selling Eco-Friendly Epoxy Systems made from the purest raw materials. We offer a better alternative to standard epoxy. Our Manufacturing plant and our state-of-the-art equipment allow us to formulate commercial, residential & industrial resins for different applications and this without compromise.

The Best Quality Epoxy Resins Professional Grade Epoxy Resins by POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES INC

The Best Quality Epoxy Resins. Above all, our epoxy resins are formulated and manufactured with the highest standards and are regulated to the most strict quality control processes. Formulation, Quality Control,Production and packaging takes place in our main state-of-the-art facility. This allows us to offer freshly produced resin to all customers and retailers around the world. Our products are also solvent free, meaning no harmful thinners or harsh chemicals are used for the formulation of our resins. In other words, we avoid using hazardous substances to be able to provide our customers and retailers with the safest products.

In conclusion, as we stock a considerable quality of raw materials, we are able to produce and deliver freshly produced resins to all our customers in no time. With more than 25 years in the field of resins, we have the responsibility to offer 100% Solid products without dangerous substances. The formulation of CHILL EPOXY™ epoxy resins are distinguished by its very low viscosity, its optical clarity, high resistance to bending, impact and compression.