How to avoid bubbles in Epoxy

Epoxy resin bubbles how to avoid them

How to avoid bubbles in Epoxy? None of our CHILL EPOXY solutions require any extra work to get rid of the bubbles. Our products are extremely low in viscosity (water like) and the bubbles will pop on their own within less than 20 mins. Some other epoxy brands might need a torch or heat gun to help eliminate the bubbles because of their higher viscosity. The quality of the raw materials will definitely have an impact on the bubble release performance. The extended Pot Life in combination with a long curing time of most of our products is enough to get rid of them. It will usually take 5-10 min for the bubbles to top on their own after pouring.

CHILL 3D™ (1:1) Medium Viscosity is our only thicker epoxy solution for countertops projects/ocean & beach resin scenes. Even with its higher viscosity the Epoxy Countertop – 1:1 Highly UV-Resistant CHILL 3D™ will self-level and pop most of the bubbles within minutes once applied. A quick pass with a Heat Gun over the stubborn ones will be enough to get rid of them.

QUICK TIP to avoid bubbles

  1. Mix slowly but longer to avoid incorporating air while mixing manually
  2. While mixing big quantities using a Jiffy mixing, make sure you don’t create a “VORTEX” by mixing too fast.
  3. Pouring from a corner with a small stream will help the epoxy travel and eliminate bubbles when failing.

How to avoid bubbles in Epoxy. There are several main reasons why bubbles occur or appear in your resin:

  1. Not following the instructions and best practice from the TDS and Labels/Box Instructions.
  2. Not using the right system for the right application.
  3. Pouring epoxy during colder temperatures – viscosity will increase.
  4. Wait too long before pour – Viscosity will increase.
  5. Not sealing the wood using one of our Fast-Setting epoxy – CHILL SEALER™ (2:1).

We hope this was helpful – for more information or guidance please contact us at sales@polymerestechnologies.com