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A brand new way

Our mission as a resin manufacturer with over 25 years of experience is to be transparent and authentic with our products and the way we produce our resins.In recent years, we have seen new players join the field of epoxies and proclaim themselves as the best resin or even the greenest. Interestingly, these companies all proclaim the same message.

Our long experience in chemistry and formulation of specialty resins in the industrial has allowed us to deconstruct these claims and determine where they are misleading and serve the sole purpose of increasing their sale. It is interesting to see his companies offer the lowest prices and claim to offer quality and claim to have the “best resin” without being able to stand up to his facts.

The idea of ​​a transparent and uncompromising epoxy manufacturing process inspired us to formulate, produce and stock a commercial line called CHILL EPOXY™.

Located in Canada,Quebec at the offices of POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES INC. We formulate and manufacture our products in our factory using the purest materials on the market.Over the years, we have established strong relationships with the best raw material manufacturers in the world.

Through our specialized approach, our technical support and the variety of our products, we distance ourselves from the band of self-proclaimed “industry leaders”. Our passion for chemistry as well as for the manufacture of high-end resins is our winning recipe.

Our company’s mission is not to cut prices and offer convenience epoxy, but to offer high performance products, to build a sustainable business, where long-term research and development of environmentally friendly materials environment and a technical service that meets your expectations.

With more than a dozen products under the CHILL EPOXY™ range, we are continually working to expand our range and offer specialized products that will give you better results.

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High goals

Our R&D department therefore got to work and formulated more than a dozen products to meet the needs of these new market segments. The specialty of our R&D department is formulating products, we are continuously in creation to offer you new products that will make your life easier and allow you to reach your creation objectives, quickly and efficiently

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Who we are

We love what we do it’s our passion.We understand our customers because we work the products in the same applications as you. Our two laboratories and our casting room are live evidence. Having to work with products for general applications not suited to their needs, cabinetmakers and artists obtained very mixed results and had to carry out numerous repairs works in order to reach their objectives, which became very expensive and required a lot of work. The poor technical support offered to them became an excellent reason to look for a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

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Polymeres Technologies and CHILL EPOXY, two allies of first plans.

The company controls all stages of the marketing of its thermosetting systems such as

Quality control

25 years

POLYMÈRES TECHNOLOGIES has formulated and produced for almost 25 years epoxy, polyurethane and silicone systems for the industrial, aeronautical and artistic fields. All products are formulated and produced with ultra-modern equipment, directly from our warehouses in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec in Canada.

400 products

The company has made a name for itself through the high quality of its 400 products, its technical knowledge of these and the impeccable quality of its customer service. Our customers are found around the world and in all areas.

Quality control tests

When CHILL EPOXY products leave our warehouses, they have been subjected to a multitude of ASTM quality control tests. Each batch produced is kept in our laboratories as a detention for a period of 2 years. If the product leaves our warehouses, it is because it completely meets our quality standards. If a batch verification request is necessary, then the detention will give the conformity of product quality conformity.

Quality standards

Our quality standards and appropriate practices are established in our various processes including the control of our raw materials upon receipt, storage of these materials, continual revisions of our formulations, inspection of our production batches, standards and production procedure, controls quality, product packaging, labeling of goods, product shipments, technical and data sheets, as well as import and export documents.

What makes us different from our competitors

  • A wide range of CHILL EPOXY products (10+) for your different applications and more to come
  • Professional Grade,High Quality Resin products
  • 25 years of experience in R&D and resin systems
  • A strict quality control on every batches (we keep retains for 2 years of every batches produced)
  • Deliver top-notch customer service & technical support
  • Products always in Stock and Short delivery lead times.
  • A technical team available online to answer all you questions