Are all your products on your website?

We offer a vast selection of products but some products are not available online. Please contact us at for more information or custom products.

On our CHILL EPOXY website, you will find our different epoxy systems for the wood industry and for resin artists. We also offer a full range of Liquid Pigments as well as metallic pigments to color resin. You will also find all the accessories for mixing resin: Statues, graduated containers, Jiffy Mixers and more. As CHILL EPOXY is a division of Polymeres Technologies, please note that we offer a complete line of industrial resins, including Polyurethanes, Silicones, Adhesives, Bonding Agents, Potting Resins and more.

We are also one of the largest distributor of Polyurethane boards for the field of prototyping, construction and Aeronautics.

For more information or to see the extent of our products, simply contact us at and visit for more information.