Will epoxy resin turn yellow over time?

Deep pour Epoxy resin

Will epoxy resin turn yellow over time? Our CHILL EPOXY resins are UV-Resistant formulas. All epoxy will yellow over years. Nevertheless, some will have better resistance than other and will take up to several years before noticing any changes in color. Since we use only Premium Raw Materials, we have better resistance than most Casting epoxy. Our clear epoxy resins have been formulated for indoor applications, but it is the highest UV-resistant found on the market. Our resins are definitively much appreciated by artists when painting on white surface or canvas.

Epoxy Resin Yellowing of the Hardener

Epoxy Resin Yellowing of the Hardener. The yellowing process of the PART B (Hardener) is unfortunately a natural oxidation. Epoxy will go thought this process once opened. Our Fast-Setting (reactive) epoxy solutions will tend to yellow faster then the casting systems. Ware currently developing an R&D program to study and eventually eliminate as much as possible this oxidation process in our FAST SETTING HARDENER ( PART B).

We are currently in a research and development process to study this phenomenon. We study the reaction of certain raw materials and we try to replace this one with ones with better performance. Our casting epoxy surpass the vast majority of products available on the market, but we are trying to eliminate this phenomenon.While most brands tend to hide this phenomenon by adding dyes to their Part “A”.

We on the other side are working closely with the biggest raw materials manufacturers to reduce the yellowing of Hardeners.

Our Chemists are working closely with those manufacturer to test new avenues. As you will understand, cheaper raw materials will tend to yellow faster than the expensive ones. This is why we only formulate our epoxy systems with the best raw materials. Coming from a R&D background, our business model has always been to offer superior products and never to cut our prices to offer commodity products.

Moreover, this is why we package our products in Italian Metal containers, instead of cheape plastic “gallon” containers. Plastic breathes, therefore air will get in contact with the Hardener easily and accelerate the process. Metal containers with our double seal cap will keep our epoxy fresh and unexposed to UV.

At last, we package our epoxy both Part “A” Resin and Hardener “B” with Nitrogen Blanket to preserve the epoxy longer ” Unopen” and slow down the yellowing process.