CHILL EPOXY – Available in United States?

CHILL EPOXY - Available in the United States?

CHILL EPOXY – Available in the United States? Yes, we ship everywhere in Canada and Unites States.

It is possible to find an official CHILL EPOXY dealer near you by visiting our RESELLER section. If none of our vendors are in your area, it is possible to order from another. Take note that if you cannot find a location, or the product you are looking for is not available, order directly on our online site: SHOP NOW: www.chillepoxy.com/shop
We deliver quickly anywhere in Canada, United States and other locations. For small epoxy orders, we can deliver by air. For larger orders (Palette), we deliver resin orders by ship (Europe/Asia/Puerto Rico, Martinique)
    • All order from the Online store will be process and shipped within 24h. You will receive a receipt and your tracking information by email.
    • All PO for bigger orders, custom Quotes and Retailer orders shall be sent to sales@polymerestechnologies.com. Any special requests, add-on, revision concerning a pending order shall be forwarded to this address.
    • For US and Canadian customers, order acknowledgments including shipping fees are confirmed within 24 (business) hours.
    • International orders confirmation including prepaid transport quotation may require up to 72 hours delay to obtain best price possible with our valued carriers.
    • Customers are asked to verify that information on the Order confirmation is complete and up to date (EIN/ IRS #, shipping address, name of the company, contact, phone number, …)
    • PAYMENT is to be made UPON RECEPTION POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES™ does not offer any terms of payment. Payment shall be made via credit card or bank electronic transfer prior to sending packing slip to our warehouse staff.
    • If payment is sent via wire transfer, it is important that customer informs Customer service once it has been proceeded so that Accounting department will be made aware that a confirmation is awaited. Please note that it can take up to 72 hours before the transfer is effective in our bank account.
    • Skids to be shipped to Québec, Ontario can be prepared within 24-48hours once payment is confirmed. Elsewhere, allow a 24-72hour delay.
      • CUT-OFF: No add-on or revision can be allowed once payment confirmation is sent.
  • Orders are crated and prepared within 2-3 days. Please note, that with many carriers, the shipment can only be picked up the next business day as many companies’ truck are not always in our area.
    • CUT-OFF: No add-on or revision can be allowed once payment confirmation is sent.
  • OVERSEAS SHIPPING. Allow for a minimum of 5 business days to prepare a CERTIFIED CRATE according to the International Maritime Regulation.
    • CUT-OFF: No add-on or revision can be allowed once order confirmation, and shipping quote is approved by customer. Any modification may induce further delays in the process.
    • CHILL EPOXY™ retailers are expected to place a MINIMAL ORDER of a total amount of $800 USD /$1000 CAD.
    • For any ADD-ON or REVISION, administrative may apply.
    • If for any reason, a customer was to cancel a PO.
    • In general, POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES™ does not organize drop shipping for the CHILL EPOXY™ retailers. Retailers are expected to hold a complete inventory of CHILL EPOXY™ products so as to be able to constantly satisfy customers’ requests.
    • Nevertheless, if drop shipping was to be authorized for exceptional circumstances, revision of the retailer’s discount may apply.
    • International shipments are sent under the INCOTERM DAP (Delivered At Place). POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES inc. will make sure that the shipment is delivered at the indicated/agreed shipping address but cannot be held responsible for any tax or duties that might apply in accordance with local/ national regulation. We are not responsible should delays occur and warehouse fee’s be applied
    • US CUSTOMERS. For any order that exceeds 800$, the IRS or Ein# is required on paperwork to allow customs clearance.
    • International customers shall provide the name and complete coordinates of their own customs broker.

CHILL EPOXY – Available in the United States?